.Artist's Thoughts On the Phillipi Creek series

In a bend of Phillippi Creek downstream from Bahia Vista street lies a protected natural area. This old Sarasota, Florida jewel has Sabal palms, hardwoods, palmetto and lush undergrowth. Along a small sandy bottom feeder creek are tree roots exposed like skeletons by years of rushing water. Foxes and bobcats call this place home and even a panther has been seen.

In my early days in Louisiana I spent countless hours carefully looking and listening in woods and swamps. Even in my earliest years, rudiments of today's art were being nurtured. From a boy of nature, I evolved into a man of art. I cannot walk into a natural landscape without being struck by my deep appreciation of what I am seeing, hearing and feeling.

For three years I have been walking, discovering, photographing and studying remarkable views in and around Phillippi Creek. Even though my work has developed to the point where much of it is abstract, the mystery and natural beauty moves me to paint expressive realism. I strive to express the connectedness of art and nature while drawing and painting Phillippi Creek. Not the grand vistas, but close up and intimate.

I'm acutely aware of light, shadow, color, shape, line and mood and how the abstract nature of these components contribute to my work . Things such as the intense, warm light bursting through tangled brambles or the coolness blanketing the palmettos and vines keep me coming back. The way these elements work together is exciting to me and the lure of this provocative waterway will continue to inspire my work.


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