Outdoor Musings

My computer dictionary defines landscape as “all the visible features of an area of countryside or land, often considered in terms of their aesthetic appeal.” A painted landscape is more than that. It’s also about memories, feelings, love of nature, light, air, the lusciousness of paint and more.

My love affair with landscapes started in my earlly teens while hunting, fishing and in general being very close and observing of wild places in south Louisiana. Years of painting has shown me that natural outdoor beauty can be experienced from the mysterious Everglades or bayous to my own back yard. Capturing the moment out of doors in paint is a challenge that mixes my academic knowledge with my emotions. Each painting is a creative search for a more satisfying piece of my life.


I chose this street scene in Avon Park, FL because of its strong design of compositional elements. It’s simple arrangement of its lines shapes and negative shape appealed strongly to my eye. It’s subtle colors were a compliment to the arrangement of the parts.


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